Painted Cactus Marble Coaster- Set of 4


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How cute are these hand painted cactus coasters? These cactus coasters are handprinted with dark green with yellow accents.

These coasters have been lovingly stamped, hand painted and sealed so they are waterproof. The coasters are 4" x 4" and also feature a full cork backing for furniture protection.

Why Lace, Grace & Peonies coasters and what is the Lace, Grace & Peonies difference?

At Lace, Grace & Peonies we strive to provide the highest quality coasters to our customers. That is why we hand stamp, hand paint and seal our coasters with our tested and proven secret method that results in a matte finish. We never image transfer, use gel medium or common decoupage paste as these methods will fail under intense moisture or heat. All color seen on our coasters is hand painted by our owner, Kaelee.

//Due to the handmade nature of the coasters, they are not dishwasher safe. These coasters are made from the highest quality natural tumbled natural marble so there will be some color variations, veining, pits and natural tumbled edges. The coasters are made to order and will be based on the coasters photographed but since the marble comes in shades from cream to tan the undertone can vary from the picture.