African Basket / Rwanda Woven Basket - Burnt Orange with Tur


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This perfect center piece Rwanda basket, African basket, Boho basket made of sweet grass and sisal. It can be used as bread/fruit bowl, wall art, wall decor. It comes with a loop in the back which, can be used as a wall hanging basket or given out as a gift. It's a stunning one-of-a-kind pieces rich in cultural meaning and purpose -- a perfect center piece, bread/fruit bowl, or wall hanging. Whether as a wall hanging or displayed as a centerpiece, these traditional baskets lend versatility around any home.
Each bowl is intricately hand woven by The African Home Goods in Rwanda.  Baskets carry a special symbolism in Rwanda: friends give them to one another to celebrate milestones (weddings, births, etc.), and they are proudly displayed as a reflection of abundance in friendships, family and life. * Safe to use with food * Includes a hang loop on the back for option of wall decor * Made by hand in Rwanda using organic dyes.


• Made in Ghana • Weight: 0.2 oz (5.67 g)