Bear Hug Honey Company - Siracha Honey - 12oz


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Our Southern Sriracha Spicy Honey was a Flavor of Georgia Finalist, and once you taste it, you'll know why. It's also our Most Popular Honey!

Sweet, Smokey, Spicy: Our Sriracha Honey is the best of all possible worlds. We infused Southern grown and smoked chilies, a dash of vinegar, and a light, sweet honey to create a spinoff of Sriracha with a Southern flavor of depth and delight. Perfect for topping off grilled salmon, pork or peaches, stir-fry vegetables, fruits, sharp cheeses, and drizzled over Pizza! For grilling, simply slather on a healthy amount before placing (salmon, pork, chicken) on the grill, then, 3 minutes before removing from the grill, slather on another healthy portion and close the grill for those 3 minutes.

Our Sriracha Honey will soak in and caramelize over whatever you are cooking to create a juicier and more flavorful dish.