Bumbleberry Farms - Lemon Vanilla Honey Cream Spread - 8 oz.


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About this product

Fans have been asking us for years to create a lemon version of our popular spreads...well, here it is: Lemon Vanilla Honey Cream Spread! Our sweet spread has a slightly tart lemony bite followed by smooth, vanilla and caramel flavors.

No preservatives used.

Refrigerate after opening.

Yummy on a scone, loaf bread, English muffin, blueberry crepes, ricotta pancakes....or a spoon! In our test kitchen, we crafted a luscious dessert pizza with a baked crust slathered with Lemon Vanilla Honey Cream Spread, a layer of mascarpone cheese (ricotta works, too), sliced pears, fresh mint, and a drizzle of Bumbleberry Farms pure clover honey. A thousand times YUM!