Peach - Cement Stone Soap Dish


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About this product

This modern stone soap dish fits with any bathroom décor. Keep your bathroom counter, sink, and shower neat and clean with this specially designed soap holder.

Sealed with a water-based, eco-friendly sealant to ensure longevity of the finish. Small rubber feet are attached to the bottom to prevent slippage and scratching of surfaces.

Dimensions: Width: 3.6” Height: 5.11” Materials:

These are handmade with gypsum cement, an eco-friendly sealer, and rubber pads. Gypsum cement is similar to Jesmonite, or eco-resin and is smooth, hard, and a strong surface with high water absorption resistance. Dry, the strength of our material is 10,000 psi in comparison to most concrete which varies from 2500-4000 psi. Imagine the durability of this stone is much like that of your favorite ceramic mug.

Care: Items are sealed and splash resistant but to clean would advise lightly wiping with a damp cloth and avoid bleach. Remove any spills to avoid staining.