Macarons Eco Coasters (Set of 4)


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Handmade, absorbent, and plastic free!

Eco coasters that are handmade, absorbent, and plastic free? Yes please! These camera-ready Macarons eco coasters are perfect to protect your furniture while adding a boho chic touch to your home. Great for both kids and adults: fun, colorful, unbreakable and forever reusable!

HINT: give a twist to the eco coasters by adding essential oils to them, they make great fresheners!

Hand made for fair wages by Nepalese women artisans with 100% cruelty free New Zealand wool and colored with azo-free, eco-friendly dyes. Hand felted with just warm water and vegetable soap and then sun dried. No toxic dyes or fragrances added, never.

Set of 4 coasters: Coasters measure 4" in diameter x0.5". 

All products packaged with cotton ribbon and tag.

End of Life: Compostable, recyclable.