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*Big Ed's Magic Dust Original

*Spicy Borikua 


Inspired by the flavors of Puerto Rico, El Borikua is truly a taste of home – a reminiscent memory of where Spicy Caballero Seasoning’s founder was born and raised. El Borikua provides a flavorful, savory, and aromatic profile without a hint of heat. Puerto Rico is one of the only Caribbean islands where hot peppers do not take part in the preparation of native dishes, so keeping true to tradition, we kept this blend as mild and authentic as possible. The flavors of Puerto Rican sofrito, mojo, and adobo, all of which form a major part in flavoring Puerto Rico’s cuisine, played a vital role in the development of the El Borikua flavor profile. During our test cooks, we successfully used this seasoning in preparing several classic Puerto Rican dishes in the kitchen, as well as grilled, roasted, deep fried, and smoked meats. This sugar-free, Keto-friendly, all-purpose seasoning blend works on all proteins and veggies.