Live Edge Post Oak Slab


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Live Edge Wood Slab

Texas Post Oak

Also known as Iron Wood 

 A small but fierce tree found growing in the Texas Post Oak Savannah, a staple of the Texan landscape. This wood is hard,  hard as a Texas Ranger faced with lawlessness, or possibly batting against Nolan Ryan in 1981. 


It's really hard, like, really really hard. Which makes it perfect for applications requiring a high level of durability. It has tons of knots, like TONS.  Most of the time, tons of knots means rustic, and Texas Post Oak is certainly that, but this species also mixes well in very contemporary designs. Designers have been known to paint every wall white in a space and let Post Oak be a warming agent for an otherwise sterile environment.


Texas Post Oak has a great tonal width, with a wide range of light to dark colors. Each board boasts tones of gray, cream, brown, and with the knots, black. 


It works well for just about any interior application, including flooring, molding, interior T&G siding, cabinet lumber, and bar tops. There are few exterior applications, such as railroad ties and planks. 



  • There are over five settlements in Texas named Post Oak. 
  • Post Oak has a very thick bark, making it resistant to fire. 
  • Post Oaks have been used to tell the fire history of an area by examining their growth rings.
  • We acquired one of the largest Post Oak trees in the state of Texas . We''ll turn it into Post Oak flooring, live edge slabs, and Post Oak

2" x 22-30" x 93"