Okie Map Hook Pillow


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About this product 

Celebrate your Okie pride with our Oklahoma Map "Okie" Throw Pillow – a distinctive and heartfelt addition to your home decor. This 100% wool hooked rectangle accent pillow not only showcases the intricate map of Oklahoma but also features the endearing term "Okie" in a charming design.

The front of the pillow boasts a meticulously crafted wool hooked texture, providing a tactile and visually engaging experience. The inclusion of the Oklahoma map adds a touch of geographical flair, making this pillow a meaningful and personalized statement piece. Paired with a luxe velvet backing, the pillow ensures a soft and comfortable touch, creating an inviting atmosphere in any room.

Designed for both style and ease of use, the "Okie" Throw Pillow includes a polyester insert for a plush and supportive feel. The zipper closure allows for convenient removal of the insert, facilitating effortless maintenance and care. This thoughtfully crafted pillow seamlessly combines sentiment, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you're a proud Oklahoman or want to gift a piece of home to a fellow Okie, this wool hooked throw pillow adds a touch of warmth and identity to your living space. Elevate your decor with the charm of the Oklahoma Map "Okie" Throw Pillow, showcasing quality craftsmanship, premium materials, and a nod to the heartland of America.