The Bunk Bed Book: 115 Bunks, Lofts and Cozy Nooks


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Everyone loves a bunk bed. Whether you are five or seventy-five, there is something about a cozy sleeping nook that excites the imagination. They are also an infinitely practical space-saving solution. The Bunk Bed Book is both a dream book and a handbook. Inside you’ll find 115
bedrooms from all across the globe from today’s top interior designers and influencers. The book will appeal to both design professionals and everyday homeowners seeking inspiration—not to mention kids dreaming of a bunk room of their own! In addition to classic bunks, the book features lofts, daybeds, sleeping alcoves, and all manner of creative and comforting places to lay your head. The Bunk Bed Book is sure to become a coffee table staple in summer homes and ski cabins for years to come!

Hardcover 192pgs House & Home/ Decorating & Furnishings / Sleep Over / Cabin Sleeping / Tiny Home

Laura Fenton is the author.