Ultimate Backyard BBQ Collection 10 pack


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Fun in the sun can only mean one thing - grillin' and chillin' (ok, so two things!) This collection has everything you need for the ultimate backyard barbecue, minus the slip n' slide of course. You'll be the grandmaster of the grill with these 10 flavour-packed blends with limitless possibilities! Lemon Pepper Chicken and Chilli Lime Margaritas anyone? NEW Blends now included in this set: Korean BBQ Rub, Carne Asada, Jerk Seasoning, Lemon Pepper, Hot Honey BBQ Rub, Chilli Lime, Sweet Hickory BBQ Rub, Piri Piri, Cowboy Grilling Rub, Carolina Mustard BBQ Rub Use these complimentary recipe cards to help your customers with inspiration for how to use their Spicewalla blends.