Vermont Dog Eats - Ginger's Snaps


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USDA-Certified Organic Ginger & Molasses A sweet treat indeed.

Ginger’s Snaps smell like the holidays but (thankfully!) can be enjoyed year-round. Our pitbull princess approved of us using her name for these delights after having just one sample. These treats are also great for furry friends prone to motion sickness and many tout the medicinal benefits of small amounts of ginger. This tasty root has anti-viral anti-fungal and anti-toxic properties as well as its antioxidant power and antihistamine qualities for your furry friend. That's a lot of "Anti" but a whole lot of good packed into these puppies.

(Net weight 5 oz)

FOOD (INGREDIENTS) Organic Barley Flour Organic Rye Flour* Organic Molasses Organic Canola Oil Organic Ground Ginger Organic Ground Cinnamon Organic Ground Cloves *Locally Sourced


Protein: 13%

Fat: 11%

Fiber: 2%

Moisture: 11%

Ash: 2%