Wildflowers of North America Blush Poster


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This is a limited edition poster featuring wildflowers of North America drawn by Leah. Featuring tones of green, yellow, orange, cornflower, lavender, periwinkle, red, coral, and white on a blush background. - 16" x 20" - Limited edition of 250 - Numbered and initialed on the bottom - Digitally printed on matte 80lb stock - Flowers featured: Red Columbine, Daisy, Lily of the Valley, Bluebell, Aster, Chicory, Lupine, Tarweed, Honeysuckle, Feverfew, Sego Lily, Field Pansy, Paintbrush, Bee balm, Phlox, California poppy, Sunflower, Blanket, Primrose, Chives, Blue bonnet, Wild Geranium, Spring Beauty, Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Snowdrop, Wood Violet, and Buttercup.